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Comparative Guide to American Colleges: For Students, Parents, and Counselors:
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9780060154639 - James Cass: Comparative Guide to American Colleges: For Students, Parents, and Counselors
James Cass (?):

Comparative Guide to American Colleges: For Students, Parents, and Counselors (1985) (?)

ISBN: 9780060154639 (?) or 0060154632, in english, 704 pages, HarperCollins Publishers, Paperback, Used

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From Seller/Antiquarian, Texas Book Depot
paperback, Label: HarperCollins Publishers, HarperCollins Publishers, Produktgruppe: Book, Publiziert: 1985-01, Studio: HarperCollins Publishers, Verkaufsrang: 10985517
Platform order number MRWg45y2DNhZXuQkFTTRN%2FcBSom1 AT%2BU9kSbLWnAr0eRSplm%2FolATr rqkoUfO%2B9B%2F9vEn52hgSeT2ZU% 2BANmLxgFLvL7WZBQRBhysCU%2FgLi O37dK1iqtz0e3VUwSZ2fbe7hRypT36 OUPSqX2iW1GpgQ%3D%3D
Keywords: Administration, Adult & Continuing Education, Business School Guides, College Guides, Financial Aid, Graduate School Guides, Law School Guides, Medical School Guides, Test Preparation, Vocational, Books, Education & Teaching, Higher & Continuing Education
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ISBN (alternative notations): 0-06-015463-2, 978-0-06-015463-9
9780060154639 - James Cass: Comparative Guide to American Colleges
James Cass (?):

Comparative Guide to American Colleges (?)

ISBN: 9780060154639 (?) or 0060154632, in english, HarperCollins Publishers, hardcover, New

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From Seller/Antiquarian
Comparative-Guide-to-American-Colleges~~James-Cass, Comparative Guide to American Colleges
seller comment:
Seller order number: 9780060154639
Platform order number bn-9780060154639
Category: Education>Education>Education
Data from 02/07/2016 12:31h
ISBN (alternative notations): 0-06-015463-2, 978-0-06-015463-9
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